The Best Video Conferencing Solution for Live Content Creators

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Celilsemi Sam Erkiner

Video conferencing was a niche vehicle for a long period of humanity's online journey. It was used by very few people before the Covid pandemic, but is a daily occurrence for millions of people today. Whether you're going online because of Covid or preparing your business for the future-ready online world, here’s what you need to know to choose the right platform for you.

There are two powerful options that are similar to each other: Google Meet and Zoom. While both services facilitate video conferencing, there is much more in the background. Here's what you need to know to choose the right one for you.

Both Google Meet and Zoom Basic allow you to hold large-scale video calls with up to 100 participants. Both have quite generous free meeting times and both support screen sharing.

Google Meet has become the fastest and easiest-to-adopt option for small meetings. If you have a Gmail account, you can hold meetings – this is done in your web browser without needing to download software, making the process very easy. We believe simplicity makes Meet an option for those who want quick meetings with family and friends, especially those who are not used to video conferencing. While Google Meet offers a fast and easy video calling service directly on the web, it lacks many of the advanced features Zoom offers. If you want anything more than quickly jumping on a meeting with some friends, you’ll need to go to Zoom territory.

Zoom is the best video conferencing service for business and education, thanks to its unlimited viewing features and customizations, powerful audio and video performance, and its generous free plan. People with a free account can host 40-minute meetings with up to 100 attendees and still have access to most of the features available to paying customers, such as screen sharing annotations and whiteboards. Zoom's limit of 100 participants means it is suitable not only for small classes, but also for medium-sized classes. There is also access to relatively exclusive extras provided by a paid account. Zoom's simple meeting interface isn't the prettiest, but it's incredibly efficient at keeping your classroom under control. The default speaker view zooms in on the person who is currently speaking or presenting. Others appear in a list at the top or left of the window. There is also a gallery view that shows everyone's broadcast on one screen. Zoom's video and screen sharing quality is generally very good, though this certainly depends heavily on your internet connection. Having an installable application definitely offers better quality compared to other web browser-based solutions.

Simply put, Zoom is an enterprise-grade, large-scale video calling service with tons of features and a free plan. The free plan lets you call up to 100 participants and use most features, but meeting time is limited to 40 minutes.

Even with the free plan, you can record a call, mute participants, chat, share your documents or screen, make HD video calls, use whiteboards or virtual backgrounds, send emoji, and much more.

We're confident that Zoom offers the best combination of usability, reliability, performance, security and features you need to run your business remotely.

That's why we, as Feather, attach great importance to working with Zoom and leveraging its capabilities for our users. We are proud to announce that we are live on the Zoom app marketplace from today. Feel free to check Feather's Zoom app and start your online business today.

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