Progress update (September 30th)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020
Celilsemi Sam Erkiner

✅ Customisable Feather Profile

You are your brand in Feather! With our new comprehensive customisation flexibility, you have richer control over how you want your customers to see your profile. You can add a bio, contact details, additional links, profile picture, cover image and also choose colors!

✅ In-built Stripe Payments

A better way to charge your customers! We have taken our integration with our payment processing partner Stripe to a deeper level. Now the checkout page is customized with your brand and your customers will see your name on their credit card receipts! Your payouts are also automated to give you a seamless experience.

✅ On-Demand Video Collections

After harnessing the power of live events to generate active revenue, on-demand content collections were one of the most sought after features for passive income on our platform. Now you can monitize your pre-recorded videos. You can create video collections, pick your pricing and list them on your Feather profile along with your live events.

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