Progress update (October 31st)

Saturday, October 31, 2020
Celilsemi Sam Erkiner

This month we were focussed on your admin experience.

✅ Dashboard Improvements

We've designed the simplest online business experience for you.

We understand that critical decisions need critical evaluation and data simplification. We've redefined the way our dashboards process your data so you can make choices. Now, with a few clicks, you can control your store, customers, free or paid content from a single control panel.

✅ Google & Zoom Integrations

We take our assistance to the next level. Thanks to our deeper Google integration, you can now use your own Google Account for automatic calendar invitations to your customers. Every time you create an event in Feather, the automation takes care of you and your customers' calendar experience. A Google calendar event will be added to your Google account and all paid customers will be invited automatically. The calendar invitation also includes all event details such as name, description and protected video meeting link!

We are also testing a powerful Zoom integration for automatic meeting scheduling with your Zoom account.

✅ Automated Attendance Tracking

Feather automatically protects Zoom or other video meeting links on your behalf. With our participation suite, you don't have to worry about invitations and attendance. Every guest gets a unique online event link after paying. The link acts as a protection for your meeting. It authorises your customers and automatically gets attendance while opening the right online meeting. This ensures that you do not have any freeloaders and anyone with a paid booking has direct access.

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