Getting started with Feather

Tuesday, December 15, 2020
Shori Hijikata

Feather is designed to help creators and instructors like you easily manage, monetize, and distribute their online content. You can get set up in minutes and have hours returned to your week thanks to the platform’s automations and smooth, integrated processing.



🕊 Eliminate manual tasks like emailing calendar invites 

🕊 Automate creating and sending Zoom links 

🕊 Collect payments seamlessly 

🕊 Manage both live events and on-demand content 

🕊 Customize the look and feel of your profile page

✅  Create a Feather account via your Gmail or with an email and password 


We recommend using your Gmail account here to keep things simple and so you have one less password to remember. However, if you don’t have a Gmail account or would like the option to create an account with a non-Gmail email address, feel free! Creating an account will give you full access to the app. 

✅  Set up your profile page 


This is where you can control how your page looks to your audience. Click the “Account” tab on the left panel, then the “Profile Editor” (first option). Here, you’ll be able to customise elements like: 


  • Username 
  • Profile and cover photos
  • About me section
  • Social links
  • Contact details 
  • Colours 



✅  Link your Stripe account 


If you’re doing paid events, let’s make sure you get paid! Stay on the “Account’ tab on the left panel and click “Stripe Payments” under “Integrations.” For the setup, you’ll be directed to Stripe, our trusted payment partner. They’ll ask you to go through a verification process and ask for some additional information, so ensure your payments are completely secure. Once this is all set up, you’ll be good to go for payments in the future. This is one of the trickier steps, so reach out to us if you have any questions!



✅  Integrate your Google calendar 


This step should be pretty straightforward and will help you automate the creation of Google Calendar invites for your events, saving you from manually creating events and sending to each person in your audience! If you are not using your Google account, you may skip this step. In the “Account” section, click on “Google Calendar” under “Integrations” and click the “Connect to Google” button; you will be redirected to Google. Click the blue “Authorize” button and you’re all set! 



✅  Connect your Zoom account


This step removes the time-consuming process of manually creating events in your calendar and copy-pasting Zoom links to different places and people. With the integration, Feather will automatically generate Zoom links for your scheduled events as you create them. If you are not planning to use Zoom, you may skip this step. In the “Account” section, click on “Zoom Video” under “Integrations” and click the “Zoom access” button; you will be redirected to Zoom. Click the blue “Authorize” button and you’re all set! 


A reminder that your Zoom account settings for your events will be as they are in your Zoom account, so if you have a free Zoom account, you will only be able to host events with more than two people for a maximum of 40 minutes. If you are looking to host group classes longer than 40 minutes, we suggest upgrading from the Zoom Basic to the Zoom Pro account. 



✅  Schedule your first event


With your integrations set up and your profile created, you’re all set to launch your first event! In the “Events” tab on the left-hand panel, click on “Add Live Event.” Click on the “Details” drop-down next to the event title if you’d like to add fields like an event cover photo, a description of the event and adding a capacity number. 


A few notes regarding event options:


Pricing type:

  • Free – nothing, nada, zilch!
  • Flexible – set a minimum and let your audience choose their price, for example, “Minimum $5 but feel free to pay what you can, recommended class price is $20”
  • Fixed – no flexibility, one price for everyone attending the event 



  • Public – this event will be visible on your public profile page
  • Private – this event will not be visible on your public profile page and can only be shared by accessing the specific event hyperlink 
  • Hidden – not visible to anyone but you, think of it like a draft version 



✅  Upload on-demand videos 


Similar to creating a new event, you can also upload recorded video content that you can share with your audience for free or for a fee. In the “On-Demand” section on the left-hand panel, click “Add VIdeo Collection.” You can think of a Collection like a folder of videos, you can upload as many as you’d like per Collection, and keep it organized and separated by topic. The pricing and visibility options that you’ll find here are the same as those for live events. 



🚀  Wrap up


We've found that the best way to start earning is to jump right in and begin offering classes, carrying that momentum to help you build and grow. If you have questions about any of these steps, please reach out to the Feather team, we're here to help you succeed! Ciao for now! 

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