Feather and the future of the creator class

Thursday, December 10, 2020
Scott Ellice-Flint

The pandemic hasn’t been good to some people. But for others it has offered a prime opportunity to rethink their business model and open up new avenues of growth.


Last decade’s Great Recession set off a wave of entrepreneurialism, as high unemployment encouraged would-be business owners to pursue their great idea rather than rely on a turbulent job market. SiliconValley spawned juggernauts like Slack, Uber and Airbnb in the wake of that downturn. We can expect the same when the dust settles from this crisis. 


We think, the greatest opportunity in this new world order lies in the age-old discipline of instruction/teaching.


In fact, recent research by Statista notes that the total global eLearning market size will be valued at over $370billion US dollars by 2026. That's a quantum rise from where it was currently valued in 2019 at $101 billion.


And that doesn’t take into account the adjacent opportunities available in this space like online fitness events e.g. yoga or HIIT workouts. In fact, the opportunity for entry and growth in this space is akin to selling apps on the app store when the first iPhone was released.


Right now, more than ever, there is prime opportunity for creators and instructors to take what they know and deliver it as a digital service to a much wider audience. This is where Feather comes in. We allow you to monetize what you know in a seamless, frictionless way. We’re on a mission to empower the next wave of creators, turning them into entrepreneurs.

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